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DeCarmen Mitnaul

Entrepreneur   |   Coach   |   Creative

My name is DeCarmen Mitnaul. I am a Singer, Author, Speaker, Influencer, Entrepreneur, Coach, Mom and most importantly a WOG!

I received my bachelor's degree from Texas Lutheran University, a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Walden University, and my Master's in Global Studies from Liberty University. I’m currently getting my Doctorate in Strategic Leadership Business Degree.


I’m a Self-Published Author for a book called AS YOU ARE (If only the world was color blind.) And, recently, authored "While You Were Sleeping" and "Heaven With You".

I have founded and have owned a nonprofit for 9-years, helping kids who have been impacted by natural disasters in Uganda, Africa. For more information please visit us on Facebook at or visit our Community Development Organization website at


Encounters Artwork

I am also the proud owner of Heavenly Encounters Art. Artwork that is inspired by my daughter Melany going to heaven to be with our heavenly father. I started painting one of my other talents after my daughter went to heaven. Looking a the finished paintings gave me peace and reminded me where Melany was in heaven.


Are you interested in any of the artwork above? Let us know which one or submit your request through the form here for original.

Lastly, I also offer Nonprofit Coaching and Business Coaching where I have helped several professionals start their businesses or nonprofits. I have a passion to help others to help others in the community. Ever since seeing the impact nonprofits have on lives of people its always been a passion to see more nonprofits take flight. I am currently, offering coaching and soon a course will be available offering all the necessary knowledge to succeed in your nonprofit.

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