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Introducing: DeCarmen Mitnaul

A gospel singer with a passion for music, and God.

DeCarmen Mitnaul is a singer, songwriter and poet with a passion for spreading God’s love and light. She started making music at a very early age. Despite facing challenges and criticism about her voice, her passion helped her persist. At one point, she even tried to form a singing group, as well as performing her original songs. However, her shyness made her difficult to do so at first. 

Thankfully, DeCarmen found strength in her faith and spirituality. Her beliefs allowed her to finally blossom and sing her heart out, sharing her emotions with the world. While in college, she wrote the song “Sane Again,” which she left unfinished for many years. However,  she experienced a life-changing tragedy that prompt her to resume writing. She lost her daughter to an automobile accident, and she finished the song for her, who always  encouraged her to sing, and in her own words, “Be fearless.” 

To this day, her music is a true invitation for people to open their hearts, minds and soul to God’s love, and let light enter into their lives. She has lots in store for the next few months, including an upcoming song! 

Find out more about DeCarmen Mitnaul and stay tuned:

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Find out more about DeCarmen Mitnaul and stay tuned:

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