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My name is DeCarmen Mitnaul, and I wear many hats in life – I'm a Singer, Author, Speaker, Influencer, Entrepreneur, Coach, and, above all, a Woman of Faith. But the role that has defined me the most, that has molded and shaped my spirit, is being a mother. I was blessed to be the mother of an incredible 9-year-old girl named Melany, who was truly God's greatest gift to me.

In 2023, my precious Melany gained her wings and returned to our Heavenly Father. The pain of losing her was indescribable, but her memory continues to inspire me every day. She has touched every aspect of my life and instilled within me the strength to carry on.


In addition to the role of motherhood, I have pursued a path of education and personal growth. I earned my bachelor's degree from Texas Lutheran University and a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Walden University. I furthered my studies by achieving a Master's in Global Studies from Liberty University. Currently, I am just two years away from completing my Doctorate in Strategic Leadership Business Degree.

My life story, if penned down, would fill the pages of an epic novel. It has been a journey filled with trials, tribulations, and moments of triumph. Throughout it all, my unwavering faith in God has been a constant source of strength and guidance.

On September 9th, 2022, my life took a fateful turn. My daughter and I were involved in a car accident, one that forever altered the course of our lives. The collision was devastating, and Melany fought for seven months before God called her home to Heaven.

The pain of losing a child, especially one so young, is beyond what many can comprehend. But I found solace in my unwavering faith. For I had labored in prayer for two weeks, and God granted me a divine experience. He led me to a conference where I was transported to Heaven and gifted the precious sight of my daughter.


Heaven, as I witnessed it, was beyond imagination. Melany was there, full of life and joy, learning, playing, and surrounded by family who had gone before her. God spoke to me at that conference and told me that her story had come to a beautiful close.

At the beginning of my hospital journey, I had prayed, and God had whispered to me the name of my book, "While You Were Sleeping?" Initially, I believed it meant that she would awaken from her slumber.

But I soon realized that there is no death in Christ Jesus. Our bodies rest, but our spirits remain vividly alive in His presence. My daughter lives, and I hold onto the promise that, once I fulfill my earthly purpose, I will reunite with her in Heaven.

God has plans for me on this Earth, a mission to fulfill, and He has whispered that there will be more children in my future. I move forward with faith, hope, and the unwavering knowledge that our love endures, even beyond the bounds of this world.

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