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Do you want to start a non-profit?

I can help!

I have been the proud owner of a Non-Profit for over 9 years. I also have a specialization in Non-Profit Management. If you're looking to start a Non-Profit then I am your coach. Let me help guide you from start to finish.

Package Options

*All coaching programs start with a 20-minute consultation so that I can learn more about your program. After which, most follow-up meetings are 45-minutes through either Zoom or Telephone Conference.

st Option​ | Starter Package

  • 3-Month Coaching Program​

  • *Must have 501 C 3 to qualify*

  • Program Benefits:

    • File Paperwork

    • Website Audit 

    • Trademarking 

    • Business Plan 

    • Establishing Credibility

    • Board Member Selection 

    • Existing Fundraising Plan 

    • Building A Donor Base 

    • Getting the Word Out About Your Cause

    • Grants

nd Option | Fundraising Strategies Package

This program specifically focuses on strategies and creating a fundraising plan.*Must have 501 C 3 to qualify*

  • Program Benefits:

    • Going Over Funding 

    • Setting up a Fundraising Plan

    • Qualified Items Free with Non-profit 

    • Sales Tax Removal (State Forms)

    • Registering for Guide Star

    • Crowdrising 

    • Recurring donations 

    • Partnerships 

    • Grants 

    • In-kind donations 

    • Events/Galas

    • Fundraising plan

Benefits of having a Non-Profit:

Limited personal liability - covers by the coporate veil.

Personal assets cannot be taken as payment

Grant Eligibility

Tax exemptions.

The formal structure of the organization.

Perpetual existence! You'll have help from others running an non-profit organizations. This is a group venture!

These are just a few examples!

Imagine the possibilities and let me help you reach your goals!


Here's how to book:

Click the link book and schedule your 1-on-1 consulting session with me.